Welcome the Wilderness

# PARTS // 3-Part Study 

SPEAKER // Clay Scroggins

  The wilderness is that disorienting season of time you’ve probably experienced when something changed externally that made you feel lost internally. The wilderness is scary and confusing. Why should you welcome it? Clay Scroggins explains.

Youre Not Far

# PARTS // 8-Part Study
SPEAKER // Andy Stanley

For several decades after Jesus's death and resurrection, Peter told others about all of the firsthand experiences he had with Jesus. Later in life—possibly in prison and not sure of his future—Peter wanted to ensure that all of those stories were documented. So he asked his traveling companion, Mark, to write down not what he had heard or read—but what he had seen.

Parenting in the 21st Century

TOPIC // Parenting
# PARTS // 4-Part Study
SPEAKER // Andy Stanley

If you’re a parent (or are playing a part in raising a child), you probably look for advice from time to time. It’s a tough job, after all. And you want to get it right. In this series, Andy suggests an unexpected place to turn to when you’re looking for guidance about the trickiest topics of family life—from discipline to divorce.

Dont Be You

# PARTS // 2-Part Study
SPEAKER // Adam Johnson

Our world is filled with messages like: Be yourself. Be true to yourself. You do you. They sound innocent enough, but there is a cost to buying into this mindset. Maybe it’s time you tried a counter narrative: “Don’t be you!"

Group Checkpoint

TOPIC // Community
# PARTS // 1-Part Study
SPEAKER // Jeff Henderson

Healthy groups pause from time to time to consider the question, “How are we doing?” This 1-session study provides the opportunity for your group to celebrate how God is working and to determine a plan for continued growth.

Stuck in the Comparison Trap

# PARTS // 1-Part Study 

SPEAKER // Sandra Stanley  

In this interview, Sandra Stanley discusses how the pandemic has opened up a new level of comparison among women and the two unintended consequences you likely haven't considered.

Some Assembly Required

# PARTS // 3-Part Study
SPEAKER // Gavin Adams

"Some assembly required.” Quite possibly the worst three words in the retail language. But what about the church? The apostle Paul calls the church a body, not a building. We constantly hear it’s about a “personal relationship with Jesus.” So, is some assembly required? In this series, we unpack the history of the church gathering, evaluate if gatherings are even necessary, and decide what the church is for.

Christmas Its All Good

TOPIC // Christmas 

# PARTS // 4-Part Study 

SPEAKER // Andy Stanley  

Questioning whether the message of Jesus is true is not the only reason people are walking away from faith. They’re asking, “Is it good?” Two thousand years ago, the arrival of Jesus was good news of great joy for all people. So, what—if anything—changed?

The Menace Myth & Mayhem of Autonomy

# PARTS // 1-Part Study 

SPEAKER // Andy Stanley  

Doing what you want to do when you want to do it and having the money to pay for it sounds like a dream. The problem is, it may also be what ruins you—your career, reputation, or family. In this message, Andy explains the easy thing you can do to safeguard against the mistake you won't know you've made until it's too late.

If Money Talked

TOPIC // Finances
# PARTS //
4-Part Study
Andy Stanley

It turns out that the secret to financial security isn’t a secret. It’s just not at all what we expect. 

In this four-part study, Andy Stanley offers an approach to money management that will make your life better and make you better at life. Whether you have a lot or a little, are a spender or a saver, you’ll find Andy’s insights challenging, refreshing, and extraordinarily practical.

Everyday Evangelism

TOPIC // Evangelism
# PARTS // 3-Part Study
SPEAKER // Tim Cooper

What if sharing your faith wasn’t something you did, but a way you lived. . . every day?

This 3-part study helps us understand what it looks like to be a Christian and share our faith in today's culture. Take a look at the most important part of evangelism and the Five Thresholds of Faith. 


TOPIC // Faith
# PARTS //
8-Part Study
Andy Stanley

As a follower of Jesus, John was a bystander to the miracles, the crucifixion, and the resurrection of a man he concluded was the Son of God. Late in life, John compiled his account of Jesus’ life, purposely including stories and details to convince those of us who would come generations later—who couldn’t be eyewitnesses like he was—to reach the same conclusion. Which leaves us with a question: Do we? 



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